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1. WOODSTREAM obliges to deliver the goods, observing the term, defined in a good menu ( 1-6 days). Delivery price in Lithuania is set upon a delivery site. The mentioned term could not be applied in case WOODSTREAM hasn’t got necessary goods stored; a customer has to be informed on a deficiency of his/her ordered goods.
The customer agrees that in extra cases goods’ delivery could be delayed due to Force Majeure.
Should this situation arise, WOODSTREAM contacts the customer immediately and negotiates on goods’ delivery issues.
2. When ordering goods a customer obliges to inform on goods’ delivery site, also to select time (time interval) and a person, who could accept goods.

3. A customer obliges to accept goods personally. Should a customer fail to accept goods personally, but the latter have already been delivered to the set address and, pursuant to other data, a customer has no right to claim WOODSTREAM on goods’ delivery to unduly subject.
4. WOODSTREAM e-shop orders are delivered by a courier agency,
Goods are delivered in time, discussed with a customer. Should a customer fail to accept goods in time agreed, he/she obliges to inform immediately by phone
+370 69941926   or e-mail
5. WOODSTREAM is not liable for breach of goods’ delivery term in any case the former haven’t been delivered or have been delayed to deliver due to the customer’s fault or conditions that depend on the customer.
6.  Should a parcel be delivered in a damaged, battered or otherwise damaged package; also a parcel contain goods of other type, amount, a wrong package, an unduly size or dimensions of goods, a customer obliges to e-mail WOODSTREAM immediately.
7. If a customer notices that parcel’s package is crushed, wet or externally damaged in another way at any delivery process stage, he/she obliges to fix in within courier Parcel Accept Ticket ( to write notes) or to prepare a separate Act on defects. Should the mentioned actions not be executed, WOODSTREAM is not liable for goods’ damages, in case the latter appear due the damages of a package that a customer hasn’t fixed in within courier Parcel Accept Ticket.
8. If  a customer notices that a parcel contains wrongly completed goods or ones of an unduly size, color or dimensions after a reception of goods, he/she obliges to e-mail WOODSTREAM immediately.

Orders, exceeding 6000 LTL, are delivered free of charge in Vilnius.
Orders, exceeding 10000 LTL, are delivered free of charge in Lithuania.







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