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  Order placement conditions

Order placement conditions

1. E-shop website provides the Customer a possibility to choose goods that are formed as a Shopping bag.

2. After a Shopping bag is formed, the Customer enters data for goods’ delivery: name, surname and delivery address, phone number and other information that could be required to complete the order. WOODSTREAM confirms that Customer’s data will be used for sale/delivery purposes only, as laid down in Lithuania’s legislation, related to personal data protection.

3. Another step – to choose a way of payment (for details see chapter IV) and goods’ delivery time from the set hour intervals. By this action the Customer confirms that he/she obliges to be in the indicated place ( by the named address) in the set time.
4. The last window reflects all Customer’s data that must be rechecked as duly and fulfilling his/her requirements before confirmation.
Before sending the order the Customer has an opportunity to correct wrong data.
WOODSTREAM  Customer has an opportunity to amend personal data after ordering. The Customer can place an order only in case he/she marks the „I confirm that I have read and fully understand the terms of use of WOODSTREAM Terms of Use. In case the Customer hasn’t been aware of the Terms of Use before selection of goods, he/she obliges to get aware of the latter before confirmation of the order and data hereof.
5. After confirmation of the order, it is sent to WOODSTREAM.
The order is considered to be placed from the moment it was received by WOODSTREAM. This moment is considered to be a beginning of contractual relations between WOODSTREAM and the Customer. On the other hand, it is a moment WOODSTREAM receives the Customer’s approval on payment for the goods that is considered as a beginning of execution of the Contract between WOODSTREAM and the Customer. 

6. After placing the order WOODSTREAM system sends an automatic e-mail with data on an order and the Customer.
7. After WOODSTREAM receives a bank notice that the Customer has performed a bank transfer for the e-shop goods, the Customer gets an e-mail with a notification ( to an e-mail address, indicated earlier).  A moment of reception a bank notification is to be considered as a beginning of execution of the Contract between WOODSTREAM and the Customer.

8. Customer’s placed order is to be stored in WOODSTREAM  database during the term, laid down in appropriate legislation of the Republic of Lithuania.

9. The Customer has a right to pay for his/her order in cash according to an invoice, presented by the courier during goods’ delivery (for more details see Chapter VII Delivery). A moment of reception cash from the Customer is to be considered as a beginning of execution of the Contract between WOODSTREAM and the Customer.

10. By placing an order it is considered that the Customer is aware of and implicitly agrees with WOODSTREAM Terms of Use and other conditions, presented together with an order.
11. The Contract is concluded and implemented in Lithuanian.







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